For birds who love clay.

klaybird is the result of Kelly Vogel’s passion for clay and ceramics. She fell in love with ceramics in college, and has been creating unique and interesting pieces ever since.
Most of klaybird's work is commissioned, but some pieces are part of Klaybird's permanent collection. 
About klaybird
klaybird focuses on wearable ceramics and small utilitarian pieces. All objects are hand-built and made with stoneware or porcelain clay. Kelly is inspired by her primary occupation, interior design, but also by architecture, art and the world around her. She is also grateful to other potters who have encouraged her and helped her turn a hobby into a commercial practice.
Kelly began creating clay objects during college in the early 90’s. She has been working with clay, and helping others learn the craft ever since.
As a way to become involved in her own children’s elementary school education, she has volunteered in the classroom, teaching children ceramics and art. When parents saw the wonderful artwork their children brought home, they began asking Kelly to create artwork for them, as well.
Kelly has created an inventory of rings, earrings, necklaces, dishes, cups and containers, and is making them available for purchase. She also has created commissioned pieces, and is happy to create custom pieces for anyone who is interested.
The Name
With a last name that means bird, it seemed natural to play off it. Kelly has talked about launching a ceramics business for years, and she and Derek have talked about many names. The pottery expertise lies solely with Kelly, and both she and Derek thought it was important to somehow include her name. klaybird – or klā bird – sounds phonetically like “Kelly Bird” when you pronounce each letter.
Kelly would be happy to show you more samples of her work. You can contact her at:
Kelly Vogel
235 Wildrose Drive
Reno, NV 89509
Tel. (775) 342-5437
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