Vogel Designs was called upon to guide the branding efforts of a new strategy and technology company - Tridius.
We started by building a brand platform to articulate the beliefs and values of the new company. That exercise revealed the three tenets of their mission - Inspire, Innovate, Improve. This established a solid foundation for the development of the name and visual identity.
Vogel Designs then led the executive team thru a comprehensive naming process. The concept of "three" was important to include in the name, as there are three founders, three tenets of their mission, and a strong desire to communicate their faith. After considering many names, and analyzing them thru a scoring system, Tridius was unanimously chosen.
It was also important for the name to subtly convey technology, while also describing the company. Tridius literally means "three disciplines of i joined to form us."
The logo is a logical extension of the name and includes a stylized number 3 in the form of a triangle with three i's. Orange was used to communicate creativity, and blue was used to communicate honesty - both core values of the brand.
Vogel Designs then designed the printed business system and web site. Other collateral, presentations and sales materials will follow. Tridius.co

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