[ vogel ] German for bird.

Our mission is the same in any language: Use design and creativity to solve problems. 
Some call it "Design Thinking" - a creative, but deliberate process of problem solving. To us, it's just standard procedure.
You make business decisions based on information. The better the information, the better the results. Our business works the same way. The better the information, the better the design solution. So we spend more time than most gathering the best information possible. It's not a coincidence that creativity is directly proportional to the amount of information collected about a project.
The mistake some businesses make is bringing in the creative folks AFTER they've started a project. We're most effective when engaged very early in the process. And often times the solutions we deliver aren't even visual. Sometimes they're business strategy suggestions or new marketing approaches or communication ideas. Because we view the problem differently than business or technical people, we can come up with solutions that pleasantly surprise.
And we'd be remiss if we didn't mention branding. It seems like every designer says he/she is a branding expert these days. But you can't fake experience and talent, and we have plenty of both. And when you combine them with our smart, strategic approach, you get solutions that are both attractive and effective.
Vogel Designs was founded in 2009, but the talents and expertise that created it have been in the works much longer. The principals have fueled the creative efforts of other agencies and firms for more than 30 years. 
Over the years, we've helped lots of companies communicate with and engage their customers more effectively. From designing all kinds of things for very large motion picture companies, to branding for mining and agriculture companies, to integrated campaigns for travel and tourism, to redesigning hotels, restaurants and assisted living centers, we have the experience other firms don't.
Vogel Designs calls upon its network of photographers, writers, designers and developers as projects warrant.
To learn more about Vogel Designs, and how we can put our capabilities to work for you, please contact us.
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